This freesite documents techniques for protecting your privacy when using Freenet as well as alternative software to that described in the Freenet Social Networking Guide which you should also read as well.

Firefox Setup for Freenet
Make Firefox work better with Freenet.
Freemail with Claws Mail
Claws Mail is an email client and newsreader with less inherent privacy leaks than Mozilla Thunderbird, this describes how to set it up to work with Freemail.
Installing FMS under Unix
How to install the Freenet Message System under Unix-like operating systems.
FMS Options worth setting
Some options of FMS that you may wish to change for greater privacy and convenience.
FMS with Claws Mail
How to setup Claws Mail to use FMS.
(Kinda) Fixing Thunderbird
Reply header settings to change in Thunderbird if you insist on using it.
Freemail without Web Mail interface
How to use Freemail with an external e-mail client if you are unable to login to the web interface.
Safe uploading of files
How to insert files into Freenet with less likelihood of the insert being traced back to you.
Common filetype safety
Information on some filetypes that can contain hidden data that could compromise your privacy.
Mailing List over Freemail
How to run a rather limited mailing list over Freenet.


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